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Smartsoft Gaming introduced on October 24, 2019 a unique game Jet X in the style of crash games, which is currently gaining momentum against the classic slot games.

Crash games are quite a new and trendy type of casino games. In the game, a certain object (airplane, rocket, a man with a jetpack) moves around on the graphics. The player bets on how long the object will fly. If it flies long enough, the bet plays and the user wins, if not, he loses.

Unlike conventional slots, live dealer, roulette, crash games have simple mechanics. It is very similar to the once popular binary options. The mechanics itself makes a reference to sports betting.

How to play Jet X

Under the playing field are the main buttons to interact with the game, which have different, important for the game functionality :

  • Bet – to set the size of the bet plane;
  • Collect – set to stop the game when you reach a specified ratio;
  • Place your bet – to place your bet;
  • Place your next bet – place the next bet;
  • Cancel – to cancel your bet and take the winnings.

The left side of the screen shows the odds at which the plane stopped in previous rounds. The right side of the screen displays the history of bets, chat with other players and game statistics.

  • Enter the desired amount in the line bet 1 and bet 2 (if you wish to place two bets at once).
  • Watch how high your Jet X takes off. The value of the multiplier ranges from 1 to infinity.
  • Use the “cash out” feature before the Jet X Plane explodes, or set the “automatic withdrawal” feature (when a certain multiplier is reached, the game will end).

How to play the game Jet X video instruction

How to play Jet X for free ?

If you do not want to play for money, but first to understand what’s what in the game there is a demo mode with a demo account, which is updated if you reset the game.

How to make a deposit in Jet X game?

To make a deposit, register and click the Balance button in the upper right corner. Make a deposit in a convenient way for you. After the funds are credited to your account, make a bet.

How do I withdraw my winnings from Jet X?

To withdraw your winnings click the Balance button in the upper right corner. Then click Withdraw funds. Withdraw your winnings in a convenient way for you.

How to win the game Jet X?

  • Know when to retreat: This game is all about instinct. If you feel it’s time to walk away, do it quickly.
  • Understand the game : JetX is easy to understand, but difficult to master. Make sure you know how the game works before you start playing.
  • Be patient: JetX can be a slow game. Don’t hope to make a lot of money right away. Give it some time and be patient.
  • Practice : JetX is a great game to practice because it does not require much attention. Play it often and get good results before you start betting large sums of money.
  • Have fun : JetX is a game, so make sure you have fun while playing. Don’t take it too seriously and have fun!

Winning strategy of the game Jet X

Betting a large amount on the low multiplier and a small amount on the high multiplier

This strategy is all about balancing risk and reward. Essentially, you bet a large amount of money on a low multiplier and a small amount of money on a high multiplier. This way, you give yourself a chance at a big win while minimizing your risk.

Bet equally on all multipliers

This strategy is less risky than the first, but it’s also potentially less profitable. Essentially, you’re spreading your bets evenly across all multipliers, which means you’re more likely to win small amounts of money.

Betting only on high multipliers

This strategy is very risky, but potentially very profitable. Essentially, you put all your eggs in one basket and hope you get a high multiplier. This strategy is not for the faint of heart, but it can pay big dividends if you’re lucky.

Play fast and withdraw as soon as possible

This strategy is to play as fast as possible and withdraw money as soon as you reach a certain amount. This way, you don’t give the casino a chance to take your money back.

Play with the Martingale betting system

This strategy consists of increasing your bet after each loss. The idea is that you are more likely to recoup your losses and make a profit if you continually increase your bet. This strategy can be very risky, but if you are lucky, it can also bring in big profits.

Jet X Frequently Asked Questions

Of course you can! But do not exaggerate the possibilities of the gaming platform. We recommend not to put an equal sign between winning and earning.

Hacking the game makes no sense, because all operations take place on the server side, which, incidentally, is well protected. It is not recommended to engage in illegal activities.

Even if such a program exists, it is not made for the purpose of helping you win. The minimum – you will be slipped referral link on which you register in the casino and attracted you referral will receive a commission. Maximum – you will lose money, personal data will leak into the network.

All the same as in other crash games – betting on small odds, forks, automatic bets. Experiment and with time you will develop your own strategy that increases the probability of winning.

No signals other than those sent to you by your own brain will help you win.

The creator of the game is the company Smartsoft Gaming. The official website is https://www.smartsoftgaming.com/.

The game is distributed through online casino sites. All other sites are not official.

Play Jet X

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