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The game Lucky Jet has a counterpart, which can try to play by clicking on the link.

The principle of the game is the same – have time to fix the multiplier and get the winnings.

What is the game Aviator ?

The game of Aviator is as simple as possible – you need to watch the plane fly and have time to pick up your winnings before it flies away. The algorithm for determining the moment of take-off is based on randomness. You can win a bet multiplied by the coefficient at withdrawal. And with the working Aviator scheme you can multiply your bet constantly.

Aviator is a unique entertainment that is not like a regular casino or virtual game. Participants in the process will notice it from the very beginning, as the game has no reels or paylines, as is usually the case with standard slot machines.

When gamers start the game, they will see an airplane ready to launch into the sky. This plane and its accompanying multiplier is the most important icon in this game, as it determines the amount of your winnings. Aviator’s official website can be used to launch the gameplay. Both the demo version and the ability to make real bets and get real winnings are available to customers.

Rules of the game Aviator

  • You bet a certain amount of money. It can be one, two or more bets and wait for the game to start.
  • Observe the flight of the plane. The higher it is, the higher the multiplication factor.
  • Take your winnings until the plane flies away.

Airplane for Money from the developers of Spribe is distinguished by its honesty, the algorithm of the game has been tested more than 1,000,000 times in the past year by different users and all of them confirmed the fact that this game always wins.

The betting period is only about 10 seconds, so players need to decide very quickly and make all the necessary adjustments. After the participants of the process have made their bets, and as soon as the corresponding window closes, the glider takes off. Then it will be possible to observe the gradual growth of the odds. It will continue until the plane takes off into the sky and disappear from the radar of the playing field.

The goal of Aviator is to withdraw money (by pressing Cash Out) before the glider takes off and disappears. Players who manage to do this before the glider disappears from view receive a prize equal to the odds at the time of cashing out. However, those who will not be able to press the special button in time – will lose their bet and will be left with nothing.

What do I have to do to win in the game Aviator?

The crash game Aviator is a multiplayer game. It allows a large number of people to play at the same time.

Are you wondering how to start earning from this game? Do you want to know why dozens of players can’t play and win huge amounts of money every day?

The answer is simple. The fact that the creators of the game laid in her algorithm, according to which she first takes away money from most of the players, and when you reach a certain amount, begins to give back partially. If you have information about the alternation of odds, it is possible to stay in the black every day.

Knowing the nuances and tricks of the Aviator game, it is possible to have a profit over a long distance. The main part of the players will go into euphoria and lose money under the influence of excitement. And you, knowing a certain tactic, will take advantage of it and replenish your bank card balance.

Let’s talk about the intricacies, existing strategies and the right tactics a little later. And now let’s find out where to go to get to the official representative of this game.

The game Aviator is an official product of the licensed provider SPRIBE. All official representatives of this game take the game only from this official manufacturer. Any kind of manipulation, such as spinning or cheating from the side betting excluded.

In the case of registration on some site that is not a partner of the official representative, you risk falling into the hands of fraudsters. To make sure you won’t get on the clone site, register using the link provided by us. This will protect you from the possibility of going to a fraudulent site.

The round in the simulator Aviator often lasts only a few seconds. To start, follow the link, create an account and make a deposit to it. Next, find the Aviator game on the official website.

The rules of the Aviator game are not complicated. Before the start of the party bettors make bets on the plane. Their task is to correctly anticipate the moment when the plane will take off and have time to withdraw their bet before that moment. When a player manages to stop in time, he gets to win his bet, multiplied by the coefficient of withdrawal. If the plane managed to fly away, the round is lost.

The multiplier in the game ranges from 1 to 5072, but rarely does a game last more than a few seconds. The official Aviator simulator is based on Proven Integrity, which guarantees the truthfulness of the draws. But it is still a game of chance – the outcome of the round is determined by the theory of probability and it is unpredictable.

Aviator betting options and tips

From the above, it is clear that Aviator is a simple game. However, what impresses gamers even more is that there are several tips and strategies for winning. They won’t give one hundred percent assurance that the gameplay will be successful, as no strategy offers such high guarantees. But the chances of getting a big win are still greatly increased. Among the main features that should be studied in detail before starting are the following:

  • Available betting options.
  • The “Rainbow” promo.
  • RTP of the game.
  • Auto betting.

Next, let’s understand this issue in more detail and carefully.

Betting options

The most important strategy that players should use is related to the betting options in the game. By running the Aviator slot, users should structure their bankroll so that they can gamble for a long period of time. This is very important, as it gives players time for long winning streaks and at the same time ensures that they can avoid losing streaks.

The exact amount that players will wager on a long game session depends on their bankroll. When structuring their balance, which can be used for gameplay, players should consider the fact that the lowest bet is set at 1 ruble, and the maximum bet is pegged at 100 rubles.

Rain Promo

Aviator is a unique game with some incredible features. Two of these features include:

  • An in-game chat option,
  • The option of real-time betting.

During the game, participants in the process can interact with other users. Gameplay provider Spribe has allowed generous participants to make it “rain” on the in-game chat platforms when developing the game.

The term “rain” refers to the ability for generous players to provide their gameplay co-participants with free bets. Whenever a player calls for “rain,” other gameplay participants must act quickly. Through promptness and a quick grip, the gamer gets free money and bets without risking their personal bankroll.

RTP games

Aviator has an RTP of 97%. The payout ratio is simply enticing with its high value. It indicates that customers can get quite generous winnings from running this gameplay. More specifically, we can say that players making an average of R100 can expect the game to return R97 for every bet made.

Auto Bet

Aviator is a game that requires strong observation skills as well as impeccable eye-hand coordination. For some such skills come naturally, but for others such skills are difficult to master in a short period of time.

Those who fall into the latter category can simply use the automatic betting option built into the game. This feature will allow customers to step back and let the game behave automatically.

Aviator free game from Spribe provider

They say practice makes perfect. When it comes to playing Aviator, customers can use the convenient option of free bets. This gameplay option will allow you to improve your skills.

To activate the free gameplay, the player needs to click on the “Demo” button when launching the Aviator slot. The beauty of free play is that there are no restrictions here, so players can continue gameplay until they master all the rules, tips and the perfect winning strategy.


Despite the fact that the game Aviator belongs to the number of slots in many online casinos, it differs from the standard slot machines. There are no spinning reels, paylines or symbols.

Provider of the game Aviator Spribe has provided in its development of a demonstration mode. Thanks to this, everyone can check the quality and payoff, as well as to practice in this slot without the need to make real bets.

Enjoy the gameplay in Aviator and try to get real winnings can registered users of online casinos, which offers this gameplay option.

The Aviator game has various interesting features. There are auto betting and the “rain” function available. The last one is especially interesting, because it gives customers the opportunity to bet for free and still count on real winnings.

As the Aviator is a game of chance, you can’t make money in it. But getting a win, and sometimes a very large one, is quite possible.


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